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An agile working environment breeds agile minds- and boosted profit too

The key to any successful business endeavour is creating the right environment to allow the inspired minds of your staff to flourish. Agile working spaces may well be the key to developing this positive atmosphere, and Giant Leap has all the information you need to help you restructure your working environment to boost profits and results alike. What is an agile working environment? An ‘agile working environment’ is more than just a buzzword- it’s about changing your corporate mindset to better further your business goals. At its core, it’s about refocusing ‘work’ as an activity, rather than a place. The [...]

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Protecting your pet against ticks and fleas

While typically associated with the long summer months here in South Africa, there is in fact risk of tick and flea bites on your animals almost all year round. That’s why it is absolutely critical that you put into place a stringent tick and flea control program to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Today Ou Kaapse Vet looks at how to do just this. Start with the animal Obviously, an effective program of prevention starts with the animal themselves. There is a host of tick and flea management options open to you, and which you choose to use [...]

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Optimise your workspace for productivity today.

Did you know that part of the key to a healthy and productive workday is being able to access what you need, when you need it, in a space that’s designed to bolster the work you are doing? We at AngelShack sure did! That’s why we’ve brought you our innovative range of office furnishings, designed to give you exactly what you need when you need it- and grow along with you. Today, we’re letting you in on our top tips to ensure your workspace boosts your productivity and keeps you hard at work instead of holding you back. Go big [...]

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Go green! Biophilic office design that will boost your bottom line

Here at Giant Leap we believe in keeping you ahead of the trend when it comes to your office design- and there’s a clear shift in modern office trends you need to know about. Today we look in-depth at Biophilic office design, known more colloquially as ‘green office design’, and how it can positively impact your staff and bottom line. Why would I want to go green? While you may be wondering if this is just a passing trend, we’d say not- this one is here to stay. Simply because incorporating biophilic design principles have actually been proven to boost [...]