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Show your pets you really care this Pets Appreciation Week

Are your pets so special they deserve an entire week to celebrate them? For sure! 3rd-9th June this year is being celebrated as Pet Appreciation Week, so it’s time to show your fur babies a little extra love. Pets provide us with something amazing- it’s love, it’s companionship, it’s a reason to out the house or even just to get up in the morning- so there can be little surprise that we want to celebrate that remarkable bond. Pets are even good for our health- many scientific studies have proven owning a pet can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, [...]

Next generation office design at your fingertips

As office culture and the very way we do business undergoes a massive shift, it’s hardly surprising that the offices around us will undergo a similar revolution. So what’s hot and what’s not in the modern office design world? Giant Leap takes a look. Gone are the days of the dingy cubicle farm. Doctors and employers alike have come to realise the profound impact a draining space has on the human mind- and how much better the results are with a few simple tweaks. Tech companies led the charge, creating playful office spaces staff actually wanted to be at. What [...]

Make your desk more than a desk: make it a GameChanger

Do you need a desk that’s not just a desk, but a high-end workstation solution that has your back at every moment of your working day? The GameChanger range offers a full-suite solution to the critical needs of the high-paced, modern work environment; Angel Shack takes a look at exactly why this fantastic range should be on your radar.   Sad fact is, office furniture has generally not kept up with the evolution of the modern office. It’s difficulty and bulky to move, impossible to assemble, inflexible in the face of your challenging, active workday. It’s high time to change [...]

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Is your kitty a happy cat?

How do you know if your cat is enriched and living their best life? It’s always been a little harder to tell whether our most aloof and aristocratic companions are happy. Enrichment is a key part of the pet ownership cycle, helping to keep them healthy, happy and stimulated to avoid adverse behaviours, so Ou Kaapse Vet makes a point of encouraging a loving owner- feline bond. With these top tips for happy kitties under your belt, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re ready for Happy Cat Month this September. Box it up What do cats and [...]