Making Protein Count as a Vegan

If you’ve ever embraced a Vegan lifestyle, you’ll be very familiar with the first question people ask- but how do you make your daily protein requirements? The truth of the matter is you don’t need meat to eat a healthy, protein-packed diet… At Komati Foods we don’t simply understand this issue, we anticipate it. To this ends, we have sourced some of the delicious, vegan friendly diet replacements out there for you.

Go a little nuts
Nuts should be a critical part of a healthy diet whether you’re vegan or still eat meat. These dietary powerhouses are packed with protein and healthy fat, […]

The Top 5 most nutritious beans you should have on your plate.

Beans have had a bad rap through the years as a food more ‘musical’ than anything else. Don’t let that make you shy away from these nutrition powerhouses! From providing a punch of blood-sugar friendly energy, through being an excellent source of vegetarian protein, these powerful little helpers should be on everyone’s plate.

See Komati Foods’ favourite and most nutritious beans to consider incorporating into your daily diet TODAY.
Pinto Beans
Often dynamite comes in small packages. Despite their size, these beans pack 7.5 grams of protein and the same amount of fibre into one half-cup serving. They’ll help boost your iron, folate, magnesium, […]

Stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

Not only are seeds packed full of the healthy vitamins and fibre you need to stay fighting fit, but many of them have some medicinal benefit too. While you won’t be replacing your doctor any time soon, they can help support you and ensure you stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

See below a few Komati Foods favourites you absolutely have to try.
Also known as Flax seeds, Linseeds help soothe poor digestion with a high mucilage content, and the fibre they pack in can help with weight loss too. Even better, they have the ability to help […]