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Exciting playground equipment

Exciting, engaging and challenging playground equipment is important to keep children happy while still developing their learning abilities. Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment offer kids fresh air, friends, and exercise. So it's important for parents to make sure that faulty equipment, improper surfaces, and careless behaviour don't ruin the fun. We know that a playground [...]

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Events to be remembered

The job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem something of an unwelcome and scary prospect. You are not alone if you start thinking thoughts like even going to the dentist would be better than this, as the time constraints and pressure of having to organise “The Event” settles in. The stress starts [...]

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Enjoy life and spoil yourselves at Enchanted Living

Ladies, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, taking a moment to sit down, relax, sip on a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the pages of your favourite book or simply enjoying the scenery as you shop for special items is something that often takes a back seat. Whether it’s a [...]

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