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Time for a change at Enchanted Living

The end of February 2015 was time for a change as our lease was up and having decided that a retail mall wasn’t the place we wanted to be, we were left wondering…what now? We’ve created a mini Enchanted “Boutique Showroom” at home and welcome our customers to join us for some retail therapy on [...]

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Riverside Makes Life Easier!

At Riverside Park- your first choice to live, work shop and play, we have made life easier for you, with the new Mbombela One Stop Customer Centre! The new Mbombela One Stop Customer Centre is situated at The Grove in Riverside Park, in the first complex close to Toys R Us and is open Monday [...]

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What’s the Big Deal about Being Outside?

Do you remember playing in the “great outdoors” as a kid?  It was always fun to be outside with friends, whether talking, cycling, walking or playing games and sports. Then, as time ran out or dusk fell and you heard the inevitable whistle, you knew it was time to go home for supper or get [...]

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Corporate Event Solutions

Are you getting tired of the same old same old when it comes to corporate events? Corporate Meetings: Two words can serve as inspiration or dread. In an effort to drum up employee support and invigorate sales efforts, companies do what they can to keep their staff engaged in their identity, their values, and their [...]

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Awesome kitchens moves houses

At Easylife Kitchens we offer affordable, immaculate products and services. However what we also make available (upon request) is reliable customer-centered suggestions with regards to proposed revamps. Will this renovation pay off? We hear this quite a bit! That's the question on the mind of every homeowner who's thinking about undertaking a project to bolster [...]

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