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Riverside Park has it all

Riverside Park - Your first choice to Live, Work, Shop & Play. Whatever you may need, they have it all! Whether it is a leisurely stroll through the Lowveld Botanical Gardens, cooling off at the Mafunyane Riverside Water Park , trying your luck at the slots at Emnotweni Casino or shopping to your heart content, [...]

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Updating your bathroom

  An effective bathroom design should address all your needs, physical and spiritual. Here are the most important tips from our experts at Easylife Kitchens to consider when you are thinking about bathroom renovations or updates. Choose elegant fixtures. A pedestal sink with graceful lines is more attractive than a blocky cabinet vanity. A classic claw-foot [...]

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Bullying in schools

What comes to mind when you think of bullies? Perhaps a typical high school movie where the shy boy with glasses and books underneath his arm gets picked on by the cool guys? Perhaps your own experience of being bullied or even being the bully? Either way, bullies do indeed exist in South African schools, [...]

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New kitchens offer more style, space

Johannesburg - Easylife Kitchens, sponsor of the Angela Day Kitchen in Randpark Ridge, has announced that it has “revolutionised its product offering in South Africa” and at the same time has rebranded its kitchens, changing the name to “Evolution”. The Angela Day cookery column is published on IOL and in sister publications The Star, the [...]

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