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Do you want to make your tiny kitchen seem larger than what it is? Here are a few helpful hints on how to go about it without breaking the bank!
Have you ever tried installing a U-Shaped countertop? This opens as well as enhances the look of your kitchen, as well as being invaluable and convenient for cooking. If you are craving a new look, try choosing a pallette of warm coloured paint on the walls. For the ceiling we would suggest a lighter shade. Choose natural and warm lighting, and make sure that your curtain does not obstruct your windows. Clever storage solutions are also a must-do.

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For others a kitchen is the place where memories are made, or the place where key decisions about the welfare of their families are made.
At Easylife Kitchens we are proud of our seal of quality which carries a two-year product and workmanship guarantee. Our customers are assured of total peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that they are investing in a kitchen which has been designed in accordance with the latest computer-aided technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards, using only first-grade materials and components.


The kitchen is the heart of a home and is probably the most used-room in most homes. However, many people these days cannot afford to have grand kitchens, and for this reason, most homes have small kitchens. Storage space in small kitchens can be a big problem, but with smart storage solutions, you can have a well stocked kitchen even if it is quite small. Here are some smart storage solutions for small kitchens.


You can have floor to ceiling cabinets on every wall of the kitchen, except the ones that have windows, to store any item that is used in the kitchen. Of course, you need to ensure that these cabinet doors are sturdy and when closed, gives the appearance of walls.

When you are short on space in small kitchens, you can have cabinets installed high up near the ceilings. You may think that this is not practical in a kitchen where you need to access things quickly. However, there are some items in the kitchen that are not used frequently. Stowaway these items in such high cabinets, such as fancy cutlery, and large pots and pans that are used rarely. You can get a library ladder installed in the kitchen to access these ceiling cabinets easily.

Efficient and hassle free home solutions are now simpler and easier to set up. Make space constraints a thing of the past with adept storage solutions for small kitchens. Ready to use kitchen units are ideal for those looking to remodel or redesign existing living spaces to be more systematic and organized.

Make your living space more dynamic by realizing your dream kitchen in all of its multifarious utilities and purposeful amenities. With growing market demand for adept as well as economically valuable alternatives in terms of home design, manufacturers have begun introducing intelligent design solutions for bathroom vanities, as well as indoor bar design that add a sense of elegant aesthetics to your home within essential living spaces.

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Storage solutions are now readily on demand with exceptional allowances for small kitchen spaces that accommodate more for less, leaving your most lived in room in the house looking spacious and accommodating. Realize your dream kitchen with inbuilt amenities and utilities. Make life simpler and easier to manage with well worked through space and storage solutions in assembled kitchen units for your home.

Open up living spaces with easy and simplified ready to order living units for your every need, from bar design, to bathroom vanities, not to forget the relaxed easiness of installed kitchen units.