How to choose the right kitchen for your house

Kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated spaces in a home–and also one of the most expensive–so it’s important to consider all your options before tackling a project of any size. Whether you’re just sketching designs for your dream space or trying to plan a major remodel, here at Easylife Kitchens, we’ve got a [...]

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Easylife Kitchens tackles small spaces

At Easylife Kitchens we too watch in awe as the Masterchef SA contestants kook up a storm in this amazing, state-of-the-art kitchen. Everything is at hand and nothing is wanted for… Cooking just seems like such a pleasure because of many attributes proudly displayed, however the one that most find overwhelming is… SPACE. If we [...]

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Feng Shui the kitchen blues away

Being an authority on all things kitchen we, at EasyLife Kitchens have seen customers want it all, get it all and remodel it all. Something was missing, we had to know what… EasyLife Kitchens believes first and foremost in offering more than an inclusive, one-stop solution. The true character of our business model shines through [...]

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Awesome kitchens moves houses

At Easylife Kitchens we offer affordable, immaculate products and services. However what we also make available (upon request) is reliable customer-centered suggestions with regards to proposed revamps. Will this renovation pay off? We hear this quite a bit! That's the question on the mind of every homeowner who's thinking about undertaking a project to bolster [...]

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