With the cost of living rising, housing prices skyrocketing and spaces getting more cramped, instead of those large airy kitchens we always dreamed about, we more often than not end up with kitchens that are so tiny that you feel as though you have to leave it to change your mind.

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Many modern kitchens are small, and some are set up in ways that aren’t exactly desirable at first glance. Even if you don’t have too much space to work with, there are always ways to go about making your small kitchen one that works for you.

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Built-in versus freestanding

When it comes to cooking – think built-in rather than the age old freestanding oven.

Use a built-in oven rather than a freestanding one, while installing a range in the island or a countertop; this will help to create a look and feel that is less cramped.

As we all know very well, clutter is one of the biggest issues in a small kitchen with limited space. Anything you can do to create sleek lines or the illusion thereof, that are less cluttered in appearance will help to make the kitchen feel bigger and therefore more functional.

Islands and countertops

Islands and countertops are the number one thing that a seasoned cook looks for in a kitchen. In a small kitchen, you should make work surfaces anywhere where there aren’t appliances. One design tip that can really help the small kitchen owner is to design deeper counters and cabinets, giving you much more space to spread out and work, as well as adding in that built-in oven to the island, stretching out your available counter space even more.

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Storage space is of vital importance if you have a smaller kitchen. When you are thinking about the layout of your small kitchen, always try and incorporate as much storage as you can. This may mean really thinking creatively about what needs to be stored and how you can make use of the space so that you get the most out of it for you and your family.

Many homeowners also like to create “easy storage” for sometimes and regularly used appliances such as the toaster and blender.

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Change your lighting
Pay attention to the lighting in your kitchen space. Though many people think a lot about the lighting in the lounge or dining room more than other rooms, the lighting in the kitchen is often overlooked. Smarter lighting can add an atmosphere to your kitchen that you had not had before, making it more pleasant and ultimately more functional in your small space.

New Appliances New Look
One way to quickly update the functionality of a kitchen is to purchase new appliances for the specific space that you have available. Most of your more modern appliances are energy efficient and tend to have plenty of features that work to make your life easier. New appliances can also breathe new life into a small space by creating an organised and unified look throughout the kitchen.

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