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Blue light blocking spectacles recommended during children’s screen time

   Excessive screen time is widely touted as bad for kids. While eating into the time they spend outdoors in active play and interfering with their healthy engagement with real people and the real world, amongst other concerns, there is the very real risk of eye damage. Blue light, which emanates from the screens of video games, mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVs, can wreak havoc on their vision.   According to Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision, blue light is harmful to eyes because it has the highest energy wavelength of visible light and this penetrates right through the [...]

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Changes in our vision as we age

The effects of aging eyes become more common once we’ve hit the milestone age of 40. The aging process causes our eyes to be less efficient in performing normal visual functions and results in individuals needing additional eye-care assistance to see well.  Don’t be alarmed if you start experiencing aging visual disorders from as early as 36 years of age, because this is when the eye-aging process starts for many people.  Aging eyes also carry additional risks such as an increased chance of having sight-damaging disorders, trouble reading, tired eyes, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome and digital eye fatigue. A [...]

Shop wise and save the planet!

We at Komati Foods are now offering the service of where you can bring in your own containers to be filled with our products instead of buying them in plastic. If you’ve even the slightest inkling to eco-conscious choices, it comes as no surprise to learn that plastic pollution is by far the biggest crises hitting the world’s environments. From stifling sea life, to over-promotion of algae blooms and threatening the habitats [and lives] of some of our most endangered species, plastic carries many black marks in the race to treat the planet more kindly. It’s lack of biodegradability means [...]

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Going Nuts for Weight Loss

With the New Year [and its accompanying resolution] upon us, you’re probably keen to shift a kilo or two of stubborn fat. Like avocados before them, nuts have a reputation as a high fat food that sometimes makes keen weight-loss seekers avoid this delicious, healthy snack. In reality, you could well be sabotaging the entire weight loss process! Komati Foods looks at why below. Healthy and Low Fat aren’t synonyms After the ‘all fat is bad’ craze of the eighties and nineties, we’ve come to associate healthy and low fat with each other automatically, when the reality is far from [...]

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