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Does your office design really matter to your employees?

Of all your worries when setting up or revamping an office, from location to budget and everything in-between, the design itself will probably fall to the bottom of the list. But it definitely shouldn’t if you want the best from your employees! Giant Leap takes a look at exactly why your office design is linked to your workability- and why that matters! It’s easy to get caught up in all the other critical players in your office, and forget the employees who are the heart and soul of your business. Study after study proves that happy employees are productive employees, [...]

Colour may be the secret to motivated staff: hack your office today

Have you ever heard of the psychology of productivity? Simply put, it’s the idea that there’s a lot we can do to our external environment to influence us towards positive, productive and motivated goals. Nowhere is that sort of can-do attitude more important than for a work day- so today Angel Shack is spilling the beans on a simple change you can make to brighten your staff’s day- and see the rewards roll in to your business. Boring, bland, uninspired...the words just go together. A drab and dull cubicle farm depresses everyone, and depressed and unmotivated staff simply don’t bring [...]

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Celebrate all things feline with Happy Cat Month

Did you know that September was Happy Cat Month? While it’s kitty day every day here at Ou Kaapse Vet, Happy Cat Month gives you the perfect chance to celebrate our feline companions in style. Are you the willing slave to a fuzzy dictator? Whether your cat is a fuzzy ball of love or an aloof lounge panther, there’s something so alluring about the cat that man has been opening their homes to this unique beast for millennia. In the depths of history, our feline companions kept pests away from our crops as well as providing love and companionship, yet [...]

Your office chair should POP!

Most of us spend our days in an office setting- which is why a supportive, comfortable office chair is an absolute must. You don’t want to experience the knock-on effects of poor posture for years to come- and that’s why you absolutely have to have Angel Shack’s POP chair! Support, beauty and budget friendliness awaits you. Your spine is one of the most important parts of your skeletal structure- and one of the easiest to injure. An ergonomic chair can help prevent those kinks from occurring, however, and keep you limber and ready to rock at a moment’s notice. Ergonomic [...]

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