Why you absolutely must have your own office space to match

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Why you absolutely must have your own office space to match

Do you freelance? Own your own business? Why you absolutely must have your own office space to match

While budget is tight as a freelancer, practicing solo professional or up-and-coming startup, a dedicated office space may seem like an expense you just don’t need- yet nothing could be further from the truth. Future Space gets into the nitty-gritty of why you simply can’t afford not to have your own office setup, no matter who you are.

Professionality, visibility and networking

It’s highly unlikely the office space you’d be looking at would be an entire dedicated building [at least not yet]. This means you have built-in networking opportunities the second you move in, and the perfect opportunity to promote your services to your neighbouring business partners. Not only that, you automatically give yourself a higher profile in the eyes of the community around you, with boosted visibility and a greater professional appearance to enhance your image.

Think about it- if you’re faced with two attorneys to hire, both equally skilled, but one wants to meet you at home or in a coffee shop, and the other offers to meet you in a luxurious office setup, which would you be inclined to pick? First impressions count- so make sure yours work for you!

Lastly, a dedicated office comes with some tech perks you’d be wise to consider. Unless you’re working with a huge budget, it can be difficult to gain access to facilities like conference rooms, projectors and other high-tech, seldom needed but essential office equipment, receptionist, cleaner staff. In contrast, having your very own serviced and dedicated office space [like those we provide at Future Space] makes accessing this infrastructure just part of the deal.

Discipline and productivity

On paper, home offices seem great- roll out of bed and get right to work, no wasted commute needed. How often, however, does that plan stall at the first part? Whether it’s distractions from family, pets and the needs of your home, or simple lack of motivation and discipline, working from home often causes a distinct drop-off in your productivity. Having your very own working space, seperate from home life, instead encourages you to create a strict working schedule, be at the office ‘on time’ and to get straight to work with nothing else sapping your attention. Having your own office space can boost your efficiency and earnings both as you’re free to concentrate on your work, and just your work. Likewise, for professions and freelancers both, working from a home office can leave you feeling uninspired and lonely due to the solo nature of your work. Sharing office space, even on an as-needed basis, can help foster connections and increase your sense of community, leaving you feeling more vital and refreshed to meet your targets.

Boost your business to the next level with a slick and sophisticated office that fits your needs and brand profile. Let Future Space find you the perfect space for your growing company, and watch your profits soar.