Designing a foodie kitchen

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Designing a foodie kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design, we always have great fun designing the right kitchen for the right people. Ideas creatively flow when we at Easylife Kitchens think of designing for a range of different people, like a working mom, designing for a bachelor or designing for a foodie.

We are going to be sharing some of those ideas for you to think of when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. Even if your fondness for cooking shows and new recipes is the closest you get to becoming a chef, you can set up your kitchen to provide the efficiency, performance and functionality that define your favourite pioneers in food.

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Clean spaces

Rather than being filled to the brim, the foodie kitchen is a clean space, because you can’t cook when surrounded by clutter.


Efficient kitchen layouts make traffic flow a priority. The traditional gold standard of culinary design includes a triangular path between your sink, range and refrigerator, free of furniture or cabinetry that interrupts the flow.

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Don’t skimp on ventilation.

One thing that a lot of foodies keep bringing up is proper ventilation. The kitchen that features a heavy-duty range hood that vents to the outside keeps the kitchen from smelling like roast chicken for three days after you’re done.  It is a top priority.


Think clean. Stainless-steel counters in a kitchen’s clean-up zone, like those you see on Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen series, because sinks can be welded into them, eliminating dirt-trapping crevices.

Invest in proper knife storage

 If you love to cook, chances are that you’ve spent a pretty penny on at least one good kitchen knife. But leaving it to rattle loosely in a cutlery drawer will dull and damage its blade – and pose a serious threat to your fingers.

Kitchen knives should be stored in a way that keeps them separate and organized, with their blades horizontally oriented so the knife never rests on its blade.

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Countertop jars

Keep cooking utensils off your countertop. Keeping spatulas and whisks in a countertop jar may make storing these awkwardly shaped utensils easy, but it also creates clutter. Consider replacing a narrow cabinet near your stove with a custom pullout to keep utensils close at hand.

Go for gas

While some chefs prefer electric ovens for baking, with load shedding it is recommended that you rather choose gas. Performance is similar to that of an electric oven.  Keep in mind that switching from gas to electric or electric to gas is likely to be more expensive than sticking with the fuel source you already have.

The foodie kitchen doesn’t have to be a large kitchen. Cleverly maximizing your space can go a long way in adding style and functionality to even the smallest of rooms.

Create extra prep space.

Think about a custom rolling cutting board and base cabinet that can be pulled out should the sous-chef need some extra elbow room.

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Functional Stations

To cut down countertop clutter but still keep essential tools at fingertip reach, set up functional stations that center around specific tasks you perform all the time. For example, if you’re an avid baker, you’ll want your stand mixer near your baking utensils so you don’t have to run across the kitchen for a cake pan when your batter’s ready to pour.

We hope that these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing. For more assistance with creating the foodie kitchen of your dreams, pop into any one of our conveniently located showrooms around South Africa, and chat to one of our experts at Easylife Kitchens.