Do you have the desk you deserve?

///Do you have the desk you deserve?

Do you have the desk you deserve?

When it comes to office furniture, nowhere is there more variety then when it comes to the humble desk. It’s easy to get bamboozled in a world of treadmill desks, glass desks, upright desks and so much more…but there’s a few key features that need to apply no matter what. You’ll be thrilled to know every one of Angel Shack’s desk systems meet the cut- but here’s what you need to know about fantastic desks… you already know where to find them!

Does your desk perform?

No, we don’t mean can your laptop fit on it! Ergonomics refers to choosing office furniture that supports your skeleton and prevents postural damage over time. Your desk has a role to play here. It should be the right height for you- which may need adjustment if you’re super short or tall [or try out our BigWig High option]. There should be enough legroom for you, and you should be able to sit with flat feet. You chair should be able to scooch underneath too, so you don’t have to sit away from your desk. Your monitor needs to be about an arm’s length away, no more, and bonus points if it’s slightly above your eye height!

What shape suits me?

There’s pros and cons to every shape of desk, so it’s really up to you. Whether you fancy a sprawling, majestic classic corner desk like the BigWig Prestige, or a neat and tidy compact option like the GameChanger KIS, it needs to fit into your life and still perform. Balance the needs for surface space with the space you have available in the room to find your perfect match. Just make sure the desk will fit into the room [and through the door!] before you buy! You don’t want people tripping over you as you work.

Make sure it’s a working desk

We’ve all seen a few desks that are big on style and utterly lacking in practicality. You’re going to need some degree of storage and organization, so make sure your desk delivers on your specific needs, be it acres of space for multiple screens, or tons of under-desk storage space.

Shop quality

The better the desk, the longer it will last. Don’t be wooed by flashy nonsense. You can pick up solid investment pieces for budget-friendly amounts, and a well constructed desk is an investment you won’t regret. And don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine a little, too.

Do you have the desk you deserve? Let Angel Shack’s desk systems revolutionize the way you work today!