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Easylife Kitchens tackles small spaces

At Easylife Kitchens we too watch in awe as the Masterchef SA contestants kook up a storm in this amazing, state-of-the-art kitchen. Everything is at hand and nothing is wanted for… Cooking just seems like such a pleasure because of many attributes proudly displayed, however the one that most find overwhelming is… SPACE.

If we could convert into currency (British Pound preferably) the wishes for bigger kitchens from the people just in our immediate vicinity we would be considered extremely lucky. However wishes don’t always come true and often you have to make your own luck. This is where the brilliant minds at Easylife Kitchen come into the equation – because what would be our main purpose other than making your life easier?! Our design and culinary teams have put on their creative (and Google) caps and went on the hunt for tips to maximize limited kitchen space and work towards minimalistic fabulousness…ELK Kitchen Space saver 1

1. Get more prep space with a burner cover or over-the-sink cutting board.
Fake it with a large cutting board on the stovetop or over the sink. It’s a great temporary solution when you’re desperate for more prep space

2. Peel vegetables over a paper towel for quick cleanup.
Peel vegetables over a paper towel or mat. When you’re finished, just scoop up the towel (and peels) and throw it in the trash. Instantly clean counter

3. Use a 3-tier cooling rack to hold ingredients or finished plates.
How about using that rack to hold bowls of prepped ingredients or finished platters? Don’t spread those dishes along your (precious) countertop; go vertical

4. Rinse and reuse tools and utensils instead of grabbing new ones.
Use the same tools throughout the whole cooking session. When it comes to your mixing bowls, tools, and utensils, rinse and reuse what you’ve already got out instead of grabbing for a new clean one

5. Harness the power of that one special multi-tasking gadget.
Every small kitchen needs an immersion blender. This amazing multi-tasking tool can often replace a number of larger, chunkier appliances, and because it’s so easy to clean and reuse, it’s an amazing thing to have around when you’re cooking in a tiny space

ELK Cooling Tray

We do believe we’ve done it again, made your life easier, that is. Easylife Kitchens tackles small spaces and emerges victorious.

Use these tips and see the difference in terms of the kitchen karma experienced.

Happy cooking folks!