Feng Shui the kitchen blues away

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Feng Shui the kitchen blues away

Being an authority on all things kitchen we, at EasyLife Kitchens have seen customers want it all, get it all and remodel it all. Something was missing, we had to know what…Feng_Shui_Easylife1

EasyLife Kitchens believes first and foremost in offering more than an inclusive, one-stop solution. The true character of our business model shines through in the value-added aspects of our service and expertise. The relationship we foster with each and every client is based on an honest, fair and sustainable platform. Every person that walks into one of our franchise stores holds the promise of repeat business and the potential for brand promotion.

For this reason we have ransacked the internet for ideas which we can share with our clients in order to have them fall in love with their kitchens all over again. We want to see to it that the positive energy created in this space flows to the rest of the house. For this reason we have researched the “fundamentals of Feng Shui” for tips on social wellbeing in the kitchen.

Use these  awesome tips to enterprise and energize:

  • Make it bright and festive – Kitchens are one of the more active or yang areas of the home so bring in brighter colours and inspiring artwork.
  • Get organised – Kitchens are magnets for everything to land, so you want to head it off at the pass and create places for everything to belong. Baskets are great for this.
  • Clear refrigerator collage – The outside of the fridge often resembles a scrapbook-like ensemble of kids art and friends’ photos. This is sweet, but can get out of hand easily. Have a box handy where you store the bulk of the display and swop it out from time to time – less is more…
  • De-clutter drawers & cupboards – You’d be surprised how often and how much nonsense accumulates in kitchen drawers and pantries. The rule of thumb is, “if you haven’t used it in 6 months, it gets tossed”.


After verifying our findings with prominent interior designers in the trade we feel comfortable that these suggestions have the potential to work wonders for the energy we would like to see associated with good “kitchen karma”.

Try them and see the difference it makes, but more than this, keep changing and trying new things – after all, change is as good as a holiday, and we all need one of those, right!!