Going Nuts for Weight Loss

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Going Nuts for Weight Loss

With the New Year [and its accompanying resolution] upon us, you’re probably keen to shift a kilo or two of stubborn fat. Like avocados before them, nuts have a reputation as a high fat food that sometimes makes keen weight-loss seekers avoid this delicious, healthy snack. In reality, you could well be sabotaging the entire weight loss process! Komati Foods looks at why below.

Healthy and Low Fat aren’t synonyms

After the ‘all fat is bad’ craze of the eighties and nineties, we’ve come to associate healthy and low fat with each other automatically, when the reality is far from it- in fact, low fat diets are often less healthy than those that consume a sensible amount of high quality fats. Good fats help protect the heart and brain, lower diabetes risk, and even fuel the metabolism to help us lose weight faster.

Wait, nuts can help me lose weight?

Yes, they can. While all nuts are calorie dense, meaning you will need to make certain to correctly control your portion size, they also are high satiety- meaning you don’t need any more then that small portion to help you feel full. This is due to the blend of healthy fat, protein and fibre, all of which contribute to satiety. Unsaturated fats like those found in nuts also help contribute to reduced abdominal fat. They’re packed with minerals and vitamins too, giving your body the nutrition it craves.

Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, cashew, walnuts and even unsalted peanuts are lower in calories than some other nut variants, while still packing a nutritious punch that will leave you feeling fuller, slimmer and healthier all around- why not browse Komati Foods deliciously decadent nut selection for your favourites and kick start your weight loss today?