Is the Paleo diet for me?

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Is the Paleo diet for me?

Is the Paleo diet for me?

There’s a lot of hype and nonsense surrounding the Paleo diet, which may make it hard for you to figure out whether it’s a good match for you

[or even what it is at all]. Fortunately, we at Komati foods are here to help you unravel the mystery and get to grips with this new diet trend.
What is Paleo, anyway?Komati Foods paleo-diet

There’s a lot of buzz-words and media attention on the Paleo diet. You can safely ignore most of it, as it tends to get a little silly! At it’s heart, Paleo seeks to get back to a ‘simpler’ way of eating, believing that the over-dominance of grain based foods in the modern diet is responsible for our ever-expanding waistlines and unhealthy states of being. If you want to eat Paleo style, you’re going to look at removing [or at the very least drastically reducing] grains from your diet, instead focusing on healthy, grass fed meats, dairy, eggs and veggies. It can seem a little difficult at first, as so much of our diets is based around bread, cereals and rice, and some styles of paleo discount legumes too, but with a little thought and planning, this different take on a low-carb approach may be just right for you.
So I can over-indulge and still be healthy, right?
If you poke around a little, you’ll see a vast range of ‘paleo’ products that probably don’t fit what you’ve learnt about a ‘healthy’ diet…everything from extravagant butter-laden paleo coffee through to paleo ‘breads’ made of anything from coconut to almond flour. If you’re looking at paleo to help improve your health, it’s important not to get too swayed by temptation and make sure you stay focused on what really counts- eating healthy meats and veggies, and keeping your total carb count low. While it may be tempting to think swapping your daily ½ bread loaf and cereal bowl over to a coconut one will cure all your ills, remember that paleo isn’t an excuse to overeat your total kilojoules for the day. If you’re looking to get slim and trim, you will still need to fill up on healthy foods and keep a careful eye on how much you are eating…save the ‘replacement’ paleo foods for a treat, as in any other healthy eating diet.Komati Foods Paleo Choices
Isn’t this expensive?
Opting to eat paleo needn’t be expensive…that’s those tempting ‘replacement’ treats talking again! In fact, paleo encourages you to explore a wealth of healthy, low-cost options like old-fashioned bone broth soups and stews. As long as you’re immune to the sometime over-priced ‘replacement’ pastas, breads and sweet treats, you can eat a paleo diet without your wallet wincing…and experiencing the health benefits too.

While a low-carb, no-grain way of eating isn’t right for some people, there are many others who’ve benefited from this old-is-the-new-new way of eating, and it might be a great fit for your needs.