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Keeping it real with Easylife Kitchens

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Julia Child said once that if you are afraid of butter, you should use cream. Now not being a cook (or a low and behold a chef) myself I had to think about this statement. Did she mean that cream is a good substitute for butter, should you suddenly find yourself without the golden goodness? Or was this irony in disguise prompting cooks, bakers and chefs to push the envelope even further?

I think the latter. My reasoning is simple – what little I know of “the queen of French cuisine” prompts me to want to associate her with characteristics like daring, determined and distinct. And what better example for a forward-thinking company like Easylife Kitchens to emulate than someone who was constantly redefining the status quo? We constantly strive to redefine our offerings to remain relevant and competitive in an industry that is fiercely merciless itself. For this reason and also to add value in areas where we understand there to be a need, we broaden our horizons daily.

By sharing interesting ideas, trends and designs we feel that we broaden the spectrum for not only our customers but the industry as a whole. Informed and educated customers (even prospective ones) make better decisions and strengthen the trade, which is what is important to us. Kitchens, if appreciated fully and envisaged correctly possess the capacity to transform, illuminate and yes (like Julia) delight. The three core principles of design –sociability, function and appeal need to be adhered to by homeowners looking to fulfill their kitchens’ true potential.

Providing you have enough space with which to work, you need to keep the social aspect of your kitchen in mind at all times. Building in features such as islands and breakfast bars is a great way to create a central seated area for friends and family. At the heart of great kitchen design rests function. After all, a beautiful kitchen is no good if its layout or space planning is off kilter. This is when it’s particularly handy to enlist the help of a professional designer. They will have access to software that can help you maximize the space you’ve got available and stop potential drawbacks. Your new kitchen has got to be a place in which you love to be. Depending on your styles and tastes, appealing features can vary extremely, however whatever your tastes, make sure there’s a dramatic central piece to your kitchen, be it a designer oven hood or a contemporary island.

Easylife Kitchens are designed and built around sociability and family-friendliness. These values are important to us as they go hand in hand with the enjoyment of our product offering. We feel that sharing kitchen-related tips and interesting advice aids creates happy homes.

So when considering design, an aspect of the inclusivity of kitchen-layout will always be to incorporate the exterior indoors. How much fun will it be to slot a wood-fired pizza oven into your food preparation area? It is a great hands-on activity that will always offer that extra bit of social cooking when friends come over. Another way in which this added extra can offer endless laughs would be when kids are encouraged to participate in the pizza-making process. From rolling dough to finally slipping their masterpiece carefully into the oven, it just screams family fun.

In closing we hope that these insights have been useful and inspired at least some creativity. Be sure to “tune in” again for more from the folks who help your kitchen aspire to become what it was meant be…

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