How to make a Destination Wedding Work for you

///How to make a Destination Wedding Work for you

How to make a Destination Wedding Work for you

The idea of a destination wedding conjures up visions of stress and a huge bill but the way to approach it and plan it, is the secret.  The Brahman Hills Wedding team works closely with bridal couples assisting then in creating a “home away from home” with the team shouldering the stress usually associated with the co-ordination of getting married at home and create a space and time where family and friends can enjoy a weekend that becomes a lifelong memory.

Gill Bowmaker, who has worked in the industry for over 30 years (as a supplier [décor and flowers], a hotelier and as a co-ordination service) and the wedding team, has the ‘secret’ that ensures the perfect mix for the perfect wedding:

We greet our guests on a Friday afternoon… on check in the usual energy level is weariness, tension and distraction.

We ensure our set-up is flawless so that the bride and groom can relax knowing that their milestone event is taken care of. We understand that the guests have their own diverse dynamics – different cultures, expectations and varying interpersonal relationships – it is our job to settle everyone down; it all goes like clockwork… just three hours in and the guests will start connecting – the anxieties of meeting new people dissipate –there is time for everyone to get to know one another and just to generally unwind.

By Friday evening the ‘epidemic’ called “relaxation” has spread like wildfire and happily everyone has shifted into celebration mode.

We make sure that Friday night remains somewhat contained so as to not detract from the actual Wedding Celebration the next day. This is achieved with the team on site attending to the details that count: great food, different menus, the perfect bar solutions, moving people around to different destinations for different meals and keeping the bride and groom and their respective families in pre-determined areas.

Saturday morning, a time for: late wakeups, a breakfast spread that is served at the leisure of the guests, Park Runs, Spa treatments, fishing at the Dam or an escape along the Midlands Meander; and time for the Bride and her retinue to be pampered in the privacy of the Spa Bridal suite, while the groom’s party enjoys a game of cricket and a visit to the Archery range.

The managing co-ordinator ensures, with all the internal teams that all goes smoothly. For the guests – no constraints – just enjoyment – they can mingle, converse, wait in anticipation for a bride and groom and enjoy a beautiful ceremony and then go on to celebrate.

The memories made are real, defined and ingrained by check out on Sunday. It is the extraordinary care that the Brahman Hills Wedding team takes with its bridal couples that ensures that its promise of delivering on the dream is realised every single time.