Mpumalanga’s Lowveld Botanical Garden

///Mpumalanga’s Lowveld Botanical Garden

Mpumalanga’s Lowveld Botanical Garden


The Riverside Park Precincts’ Lowveld National Botanical Gardens, Mpumalanga’s only national botanical garden, is a must-see for its many plant species as well as the largest collection of cycads in Africa. The yellow bush lilies and the scarlet display of the vivid flame creeper are just some of the garden’s delights.

yellow bush lily

The entire botanical garden has been designed for wheelchair access.

Include the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens on your itinerary if you are visiting the Mpumalanga province. Not only is it the only national botanical garden in the province, it is also close to many of the major tourist attractions in the region, including the Kruger National Park, the Blyde River Canyon, Pilgrim’s Rest and God’s Window. Gods Window

Located just outside Mbombela, this botanical garden receives so much rainfall that it remains green throughout the year and boasts over 2 000 species of plants. The garden also has a huge collection of cycads, the biggest in Africa.

You can spend time watching the Crocodile River as it flows swiftly through the Lowveld National Botanical Garden together with its sister river, the Nels, which descends into a waterfall in the west of the gardens. The suspension bridge provides a fantastic vantage point over the falls.

Lowveld Botanical Gardens

The attractive yellow bush lilies together with the scarlet display of the flame creeper will tempt you into taking a few souvenir snapshots, especially in spring when these plants are flowering, attracting many sunbirds

The dry bushveld section of the gardens will greet you with a variety of beautiful succulent species indigenous to South Africa, while from the boardwalk you can catch a sweeping view of the lush man-made African rain forest, the main reason these gardens are known as the ‘evergreen botanical gardens’

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