Your office chair should POP!

///Your office chair should POP!

Your office chair should POP!

Most of us spend our days in an office setting- which is why a supportive, comfortable office chair is an absolute must. You don’t want to experience the knock-on effects of poor posture for years to come- and that’s why you absolutely have to have Angel Shack’s POP chair! Support, beauty and budget friendliness awaits you.

Your spine is one of the most important parts of your skeletal structure- and one of the easiest to injure. An ergonomic chair can help prevent those kinks from occurring, however, and keep you limber and ready to rock at a moment’s notice. Ergonomic chairs vary wildly in looks, but they all have some common features you need to investigate.

Here’s your quick notes:

  • Seat height, width and depth should all either be adjustable, or fitted properly to you. You need to be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor [or better yet, on a spiffy footrest], your thighs just below horizontal and arms even with the desk. Your seat width needs to accommodate you properly, while depth should allow you to sit at the back of the chair, using the backrest, without pinching or compressing the knees and back of your thighs. On the best of the best chairs, you should be able to tilt the seat slightly to take strain off of your hips.
  • Then, of course, there’s the obvious- lumbar support. Lower back support is key to your office chair. A proper lower-back curve prevents slouching and strain. Extra points if the back can be adjusted to your exact proportions! Hopefully, you can adjust the angle too. The material [just like our POP chair] should be light and breathable for your comfort in hot African summers. The material should be robust, and padding sufficient to offer you support. And your chair should appeal to you, to make your office environment a happy one. Good aesthetics isn’t as meaningless as you may think!
  • Lastly, cast an eye to the armrests. Supportive, adjustable armrests are a must. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and your arms comfortable, parallel to the desk. Of course, a swivel chair is key to allowing you to get to different areas of the desk without strain or hassle. Bonus points if you can find a chair that qualifies for all of this that doesn’t kill your wallet! [Psst…we know a suggestion!]

Your office chair is the key to your health and productivity at work, so invest in a high-class piece like Angel Shack’s POP chair [it’s even locally made] to ensure you have the best day possible!