Office design trend shifts you need to know

///Office design trend shifts you need to know

Office design trend shifts you need to know

We’re used to analysing trends when it comes to fashion or the stock market- but did you know that solid office design is equally influenced by trends? The modern working environment is a different beast to that of even a decade ago, so there can be little surprise that the workspace around us has changed too. Here’s Giant Leap’s guide to the office design trends that will help you keep your space modern, user friendly and welcoming.

Changing spaces

Firstly, it’s important to bear in mind how the workplace itself has changed. In many developed countries, we’re seeing a reduction in the talent pool. It’s becoming harder to keep [and even find] great staff, which means a greater emphasis placed on keeping the best people happy. This means workspaces that support the worker to do their utmost, in an environment that buoys the spirit and makes daily ‘life’ in the office more pleasant. This is one of the primary drivers behind workspace that’s flexible and adaptive, as well as the rise of the vibrant, aesthetically pleasing office space.

This has decided benefits for the employer, too. Engaged staff are proven to boost the bottom line, and creating emotional investment from staff is a gift that keeps on giving. On the flip side, hostile or disengaged workers turn over quickly and feel no need to over-perform. Few employees feel this critical engagement- so office design that boosts that communication can be a vital tool in your quiver. Celebrate contributions to the company, surround staff in the goals and objectives of the company in a meaningful rather than browbeating way, and allow room for flexibility and collaboration. Flexibility in the workplace, in particular, boosts employee satisfaction immensely. If you’ve decided it’s time for an office revamp anyway, be sure to engage staff on what they’d like to see.

Not all staff are in the office all the time

Of course, the way we work has changed too- remote working and mobility are key in modern office design. This means the technology necessary to support them is, too. Here is where we see hot desking on the rise, as well as clever use of flexible spaces. The day of the single-purpose workspace is gone. Think instead of purpose built areas designed around activities- formal and informal meetings, break areas, work spaces and project rooms- to make the most of every inch of space.

Happy staff work better

Productivity is key to your bottom line- but did you know good office design can boost that productivity significantly? Great natural lighting, uplifting decor and clever noise management [too much and too little both negatively impact workers] can significantly boost your staff to work better and smarter. Good lighting without glare, in fact, can be directly correlated with less absenteeism and more productivity! Sound management through white noise [sound masking] can be immensely efficient in boosting worker comfort too.

Other positive trends include bringing in a little nature, sensory changes and a varied environment. In other words, modern office design trends embrace the fact that people are the key to an effective office and organization. Did you know, for example, that 4% of your operating costs can be recovered simply by ensuring workstations are ergonomic and ward off long-term health problems commonly seen in employees?

Don’t be afraid to on-board

There’s one last factor to consider for effective modern office design- and that’s ensuring your employees are comfortable with the changes being made. Just as you on-board a new piece of software, consider ensuring that your employees are engaged in learning the ins-and-outs of a renovated or new office space so that they understand and fully use its capabilities to boost your bottom line.

The most effective modern office design trends support the employees who work there. With the boost a well-designed space provides you in turn will see your bottom line, staff retention and productivity all rise. So why not get in touch with Giant Leap today, and turn your office space around to work for you?