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Do you have the desk you deserve?

When it comes to office furniture, nowhere is there more variety then when it comes to the humble desk. It’s easy to get bamboozled in a world of treadmill desks, glass desks, upright desks and so much more...but there’s a few key features that need to apply no matter what. You’ll be thrilled to know every one of Angel Shack’s desk systems meet the cut- but here’s what you need to know about fantastic desks… you already know where to find them! Does your desk perform? No, we don’t mean can your laptop fit on it! Ergonomics refers to choosing [...]

How to make a Destination Wedding Work for you

The idea of a destination wedding conjures up visions of stress and a huge bill but the way to approach it and plan it, is the secret.  The Brahman Hills Wedding team works closely with bridal couples assisting then in creating a “home away from home” with the team shouldering the stress usually associated with the co-ordination of getting married at home and create a space and time where family and friends can enjoy a weekend that becomes a lifelong memory. Gill Bowmaker, who has worked in the industry for over 30 years (as a supplier [décor and flowers], a [...]

My Body My Space

The My Body My Space: Public Arts Festival (MBMS) is a festival of public performances and exhibitions that takes place in public spaces throughout the Emakhazeni Local Municipality (ELM), in rural Mpumalanga. This unique rural Public Arts festival brings together the diverse rural citizenry of Emakhazeni by disrupting the familiar ways in which people move through shared social spaces. The MBMS festival is made up of 3 programmes: The Arteries Programme, the Central Nervous System Programme (CNS) and a workshop and training programme. The Arteries programme is the Fringe programme in the shape of community activations in Machadodorp/Emthonjeni, Belfast/Siyathuthuka, Dullstroon/Sakhelwe and Waterval-Boven/Emgwenya. The [...]

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Don’t let vision problems affect schoolwork

Your children’s vision is inextricably linked with their performance at school as well as their general wellbeing. If they are having trouble seeing clearly, they will be having trouble with reading, seeing what is written on the board, and even what is happening on the sports field and other visual cues. Poor vision not only affects performance at school and contributes to learning disabilities but has also been linked with depression in young children. So, it is important for parents to keep an eye out for signs that their children could be battling to see and make a point to [...]

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