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Indulge your sweet tooth and get healthy too: spectacular smoothies for any taste

The humble smoothie has become a firm favourite among those looking to get healthier and boost their fruit intake. However, as with all things, we humans sometimes miss the mark despite trying our best, and you’ll find many supposedly healthy recipes calling for a ton of hidden artificial sweeteners and even sugar. We at Komati Foods are firm believers that there’s no need to spoil the many health benefits of a delectable fruit shake with these unnecessary additions. With the right fruits, you’ll find your smoothies will be luxuriant, sweet and delicious- and much healthier too! Take a look at [...]

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Plan a delectable Christmas dinner- no meat needed!

The traditional Christmas table groans under the weight of meats, potatoes and other less-than-healthy foods. Sure, a little indulgence is great now and then, but if you’re vegetarian, have health concerns or otherwise are looking for something a little lighter on the meat [and on the waistline], it can feel impossible to join in the food-centred fun of the season. Komati Foods is coming to the rescue! Tempt your tastebuds- and your family- with this delectable vegetarian Christmas lunch idea. And while we won’t promise it’s entirely light on the calories, the fresh and different tastes will soon beat out [...]

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How to successfully hire a great Aupair for your children

Hiring reliable, dependable help can seem difficult at the best of times- and when it involves your precious children, the task takes on an extra layer of worry. Fortunately, Aupairs At Work has assembled a quick-and-easy guide to the factors you need to consider when hiring an Aupair, to help you make the decision confidently and with ease. Firstly, it’s important to understand what an Aupair does. They move into your home, with your family, to help you with the care of your children. This means, of course, that they aren’t there to provide other services [such as full cleaning] [...]

Is being an Aupair right for me?

Becoming an Aupair can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, it’s critical to make sure your expectations and reality line up, and that you are fully prepared for the job at hand. Here’s Aupairs At Work’s top tips on what to know before you commit to becoming an Aupair. Firstly, do realise becoming an Aupair is a working placement. You’re not there to have fun and shop, but rather to help a family raise their children right. This comes with demands on your time you must be prepared to meet. You will also lose a [...]

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