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2019’s office design trends you can implement today

With 2018 already beginning to fade to its close, it’s time to start looking at the office of 2019. Today Giant Leap takes a long, hard look at the office design trends that emerged throughout 2018, and where they're likely to go in the year ahead. 1.  The need for privacy We’ve already seen offices open up into multi-use spaces. While designated areas for relaxation, work, quiet and socialisation are already common in any well designed office, 2018 has seen an increased demand for tailored private spaces to be part of this office design matrix. While collaboration is still the [...]

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Great office furniture will boost your productivity too!

Everyone wants- and needs- to get a great day’s work in. Did you know that your office furniture can have a massive impact on your productivity and potential, however? It most definitely can. Today AngelShack walks you through the reasons that investing in great furniture may be the key to boosting your bottom line. It’s all about the mind Minds are fickle things, and sometimes we feel like we’re only just in charge of ours. One thing’s for certain, however- we simply don’t work well in a dull, drab environment. It leeches motivation, makes people dull and uninspired, and can [...]

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Moving house? How to make it an easy transition for your cat

Are you about to make a move? Cats have a reputation as fickle and difficult creatures to move with, prone to sending you into a panic attack as they trek kilometres back to their old home over dangerous roadways. The process needn’t be arduous, however, if you prepare your kitty the right way- and Ou Kaapse Vet is here to help you make your move as easy for kitty as it can possibly be. Preparation is key to moving with your cat The key to a successful move with your cat is to keep it as stress-free for them as [...]

Is Feng Shui still a trend in office design?

There was a time when no office design consultant could move an inch without stopping to consult the flow of their chi or tripping over a money frog. While Feng Shui may well be better known to you as the non-stop buzzword of the 90’s, some of the aesthetics of that early movement still carry on today. Giant Leap today takes a good look at this trend, and what you need to know. What is Feng Shui anyway? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese school of thought which emphasises shaping your space to encourage the clear flow of energy [‘chi’] [...]

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