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The ultimate guide to sitting and standing desks- and which is better?

The trend for standing desks boomed into the market a few years ago. We all know that sitting with our rear ends firmly planted all day isn’t the best for us- but are standing desks really the perfect working solution it’s claimed? Angel Shack takes a proper look at this thorny issue. We decided to evaluate three criteria- the physical benefits, mental benefits, and the strain placed on your body. Here’s what we found. The pros and cons of sitting desks Sitting at a desk has long been the classic symbol of a ‘productive’ work day, so let’s start here. [...]

Do office trends really make a difference? Angel Shack investigates

As offices evolve to suit the modern worker, it’s inevitable we would see the rise of ‘trendy’ office design. As with most trends, these seem to shift year-on-year, and it can be difficult to know if the impact claimed for each trend is genuine, or simple marketing hype. Today, Angel Shack has gathered all the latest office trends and the facts supporting them, empowering you to make smart decor and furniture decisions for your office space. Bringing the outside, inside Nature has boomed into our offices, from using a wider range of shapes and materials to make office furniture, through [...]

Keep your pet happy when it’s bad weather outside

Whether it’s the dull, cold weather of winter, or your urge to prevent your house looking like it was hit by a mudslide, that’s keeping your pooch or kitty out of the garden, knowing how to entertain and stimulate your pet when they’re kept confined is a must. Here’s Ou Kaapse Vet’s top tips for playing with your animal. 5 ways to keep your cat entertained Cat owners, rejoice! The cat is perhaps the easiest of animals to keep entertained when they are cooped up at home. Although cats are generally pretty easy animals to care for, they do need [...]

An agile working environment breeds agile minds- and boosted profit too

The key to any successful business endeavour is creating the right environment to allow the inspired minds of your staff to flourish. Agile working spaces may well be the key to developing this positive atmosphere, and Giant Leap has all the information you need to help you restructure your working environment to boost profits and results alike. What is an agile working environment? An ‘agile working environment’ is more than just a buzzword- it’s about changing your corporate mindset to better further your business goals. At its core, it’s about refocusing ‘work’ as an activity, rather than a place. The [...]

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