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Go green! Biophilic office design that will boost your bottom line

Here at Giant Leap we believe in keeping you ahead of the trend when it comes to your office design- and there’s a clear shift in modern office trends you need to know about. Today we look in-depth at Biophilic office design, known more colloquially as ‘green office design’, and how it can positively impact your staff and bottom line. Why would I want to go green? While you may be wondering if this is just a passing trend, we’d say not- this one is here to stay. Simply because incorporating biophilic design principles have actually been proven to boost [...]

Dynamically different: Enter the world of AngelShack today

You don’t need AngelShack to tell you that the corporate world has undergone a massive shift. The modern office is hip and happening- it drives sales and boosts employees. It is a flexible, dynamic space, shifting with your needs as you grow. Collaborative meetings, shared spaces and corporate flow have reinvented the staid and dull business landscape. In short, your office is an exciting place to be, not a farm for cubicles! However, one thing is conspicuously missing from all this excitement, and we bet you know what it is. If you guessed furniture, you guessed right! Despite the utter [...]

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Office design trend shifts you need to know

We’re used to analysing trends when it comes to fashion or the stock market- but did you know that solid office design is equally influenced by trends? The modern working environment is a different beast to that of even a decade ago, so there can be little surprise that the workspace around us has changed too. Here’s Giant Leap’s guide to the office design trends that will help you keep your space modern, user friendly and welcoming. Changing spaces Firstly, it’s important to bear in mind how the workplace itself has changed. In many developed countries, we’re seeing a reduction [...]

Proudly announcing a Giant Leap into a fulfilling business future

Exciting news from Giant Leap With this keen growth mindset, we’ve been fully exploring all our options behind the scenes, and we’re proud to be able to tell you we’ve now concluded an inspiring new partnership with a private equity fund that will have a meaningful impact on the South African economic arena for decades to come. This partnership will see us playing a critical role in helping black owned businesses develop and flourish within the design and build sector- an often under-appreciated kingpin of the overall economic landscape. While this contributes to our own level 2 BEE rating as [...]

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