Shop wise and save the planet!

//Shop wise and save the planet!

Shop wise and save the planet!

We at Komati Foods are now offering the service of where you can bring in your own containers to be filled with our products instead of buying them in plastic.

If you’ve even the slightest inkling to eco-conscious choices, it comes as no surprise to learn that plastic pollution is by far the biggest crises hitting the world’s environments. From stifling sea life, to over-promotion of algae blooms and threatening the habitats [and lives] of some of our most endangered species, plastic carries many black marks in the race to treat the planet more kindly. It’s lack of biodegradability means literally every piece of plastic ever made is still out there in the world, and will be for many centuries if not exactly forever. The thought is staggering. Yet we’ve become a society where we expect single bananas to be wrapped on the store shelves, only for that packaging to immediately hit the bin. While we are a society dependant on plastic in general, by far the most plastic waste comes from the proliferation of single-use packaging.

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste hit our oceans every year. Would you consider shopping nude for a chance to prevent that astronomical wastage and the profound knock-on effects it has on the earth and the foods that sustain us? Komati Foods wants to know you’re feeling on this latest trend- we’re pretty certain it’s here to stay!