Stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

///Stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

Stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

Not only are seeds packed full of the healthy vitamins and fibre you need to stay fighting fit, but many of them have some medicinal benefit too. While you won’t be replacing your doctor any time soon, they can help support you and ensure you stay healthy and fit with the right seeds in your diet

See below a few Komati Foods favourites you absolutely have to try.


Also known as Flax seeds, Linseeds help soothe poor digestion with a high mucilage content, and the fibre they pack in can help with weight loss too. Even better, they have the ability to help rebalance female hormones and absorb excess estrogen as well as lower cholesterol. This makes them great for those going through menopause too. Pack them into a breakfast smoothie, or grind them, to get the best results and enjoy all the benefits of their Omega 3 oils.1452647483384

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are called a superfood for a reason. Packed with critical Omega 3s and 6s, they also contain disease-fighting phytonutrients and gamma linoleic acid. Help keep your heart strong and healthy and ward off seasonal flu with these nutrient powerhouses.

Sesame Seeds

No longer just relegated to the top of hamburger buns, sesame seeds make a tasty addition to granola, breakfast dishes and more. Not only are they packed with osteoporosis-fighting calcium, they also can help you control cholesterol levels too.

Chia Seeds

Nope, we’re not making a chia-pet! These make a delicious, low kilojoule dessert when soaked in milk or almond milk and sweetened, and can be added to a variety of other dishes for a fibre boost. They’re also packed with calcium, natural oils and fibre. Use them to help stabilize your blood sugar and promote heart health with their rich Omega 3s.

Pumpkin Seeds

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is Pumpkin seeds. L-tryptophan contributes to helping with depression and sleeping issues, as does their high zinc content. They’re also a great source of the elusive antioxidant, Vitamin E. They help lower inflammation in the body, taming arthritis and other disorders, and can even contribute to helping with prostate issues.


Seeds make a nutritious, light healthy snack that will keep you full-and full of energy. Why not incorporate them into your diet today? Get in touch with us and inquire about our superb selection – available nation-wide!