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What to do when your cat’s been in a fight- and when you need to see your vet

If your cat lives an outdoor lifestyle, it’s inevitable they’ll eventually get into a spat with other cats in the neighbourhood. Here’s Ou Kaapse Vet’s guide to everything you need to do and know after a cat fight. Do I need to see the vet? You should always go with your gut instinct when answering this question. If you feel your pet needs to see the vet, don’t hesitate to bring them in. If your cat is struggling to breathe, shows any sign of damaged or broken limbs, seems unusually tender to touch around the abdomen or mouth, has broken [...]

Delectable homemade treats your dogs will love

Have you ever considered making your own doggie treats? Whether you want to save a little money, have full control over what your pooch is eating, or simply love the art of DIY, it doesn’t matter. Ou Kaapse Vet takes a look at a range of fun, delicious treats that are simple to make- and you and Fido both will enjoy. How do I choose the right ingredients? Before we look at any specific recipes, a word of caution. While dogs are very adaptable animals, enjoying a wide range of foods, there’s some things we can eat regularly that are [...]

Veterinary emergencies

Emergency veterinary care is something that a lot of people do not consider seriously enough, at the very least from a financial point of view. It is unwise to assume your pet will never suffer from a traumatic accident or life-threatening illness. Such is life, accidents do happen, and it really pays to be knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms in such a situation. Just as importantly, it also pays to have made provision for when such a disaster strikes. FIRST THINGS FIRST It is no secret that emergency medical treatment costs money. Emergency veterinary treatment is no different. The [...]

Sterilizing (spaying and castrating) your pets

WHY SHOULD I STERILIZE MY PET? There is no longer any dispute whether sterilization benefits cats and dogs. It does. If you are considering whether to have your pet sterilized, we hope that this article sways you in favour of the procedure. Below are some of the more important reasons why having your fur baby gonad free is better: HEALTH Sterilization of your pet is essential for good health, especially in the latter years of the animal’s life. If left intact you pet will become exponentially more prone to certain types of cancers as they age (e.g. mammary cell carcinomas [...]

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