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Moving house? How to make it an easy transition for your cat

Are you about to make a move? Cats have a reputation as fickle and difficult creatures to move with, prone to sending you into a panic attack as they trek kilometres back to their old home over dangerous roadways. The process needn’t be arduous, however, if you prepare your kitty the right way- and Ou Kaapse Vet is here to help you make your move as easy for kitty as it can possibly be. Preparation is key to moving with your cat The key to a successful move with your cat is to keep it as stress-free for them as [...]

Kids and Dogs: Everything you need to know before you add a furry friend to the family

You’ll find an awful lot of advice out there for introducing a new bundle of joy to the family pooch- but what are you meant to do if you want to bring home a new puppy to join your existing family? Here’s Ou Kaapse Vet’s top tips for introducing a new dog to your children. Dogs are undoubtedly good for children. Kids who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies or get sick, and pets can be a critical part of children learning to be kind, compassionate and responsible young people. It’s important to realise that they [...]

5 things you need to know before you adopt a pet

Are you planning on bringing a new pet home? Then there’s a couple of critical things you need to know before you take the plunge and pick out your new friend. Fortunately, Ou Kaapse Vet has all the information you need right here- so keep reading. 1.  You need to know you can commit Hopefully, you've already thought this one through if you’re looking for adoption advice! However, it always bears repeating. A pet is a commitment for life- their life, to be specific. They are going to rely on you for everything, and they need you to stand firm [...]

The ultimate guide to sitting and standing desks- and which is better?

The trend for standing desks boomed into the market a few years ago. We all know that sitting with our rear ends firmly planted all day isn’t the best for us- but are standing desks really the perfect working solution it’s claimed? Angel Shack takes a proper look at this thorny issue. We decided to evaluate three criteria- the physical benefits, mental benefits, and the strain placed on your body. Here’s what we found. The pros and cons of sitting desks Sitting at a desk has long been the classic symbol of a ‘productive’ work day, so let’s start here. [...]