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Veterinary emergencies

Emergency veterinary care is something that a lot of people do not consider seriously enough, at the very least from a financial point of view. It is unwise to assume your pet will never suffer from a traumatic accident or life-threatening illness. Such is life, accidents do happen, and it really pays to be knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms in such a situation. Just as importantly, it also pays to have made provision for when such a disaster strikes. FIRST THINGS FIRST It is no secret that emergency medical treatment costs money. Emergency veterinary treatment is no different. The [...]

Sterilizing (spaying and castrating) your pets

WHY SHOULD I STERILIZE MY PET? There is no longer any dispute whether sterilization benefits cats and dogs. It does. If you are considering whether to have your pet sterilized, we hope that this article sways you in favour of the procedure. Below are some of the more important reasons why having your fur baby gonad free is better: HEALTH Sterilization of your pet is essential for good health, especially in the latter years of the animal’s life. If left intact you pet will become exponentially more prone to certain types of cancers as they age (e.g. mammary cell carcinomas [...]

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Travelling with your pet these holidays? A microchip is a must!

It’s always fun to take the whole family on holiday with you- including your furry friends. There’s a few things you need to consider, however, so Ou Kaapse Vet has your holiday checklist at hand. A microchip is an absolute must Hopefully, your best buddy is already microchipped- but don’t just assume because they have a chip, everything is in hand. Now is the perfect time of year to double-check your listing with the microchip company and ensure your details are all up-to-date (or have a chip added if they aren’t already chipped). You would be horrified to know how [...]

The traditional real estate landscape is changing

The traditional real estate landscape is changing. Flat Fee Homes has built a sound business model on this fact and as a result have reaped early benefits. Our goals We set out to: Embrace the digital space in terms of how we source, qualify and convert leads. Centre our marketing efforts on cultivating sound, responsive and relevant online real estate audiences. Use social media as the catalyst platform in this entire process. We complied with every guideline we set ourselves and we trusted our resources - traditional and digital. The results have been phenomenal. The Strategy Upon "officially" launching our website [...]