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Bar units for the modern home

Extravagant Designer Bar Units for Ultra Modern Homes Who does not love a swish of cocktail or inhale the aroma of a fragrant wine bouquet, seated on a bar-stool at home, overlooking a dusky sunset. Sounds like a dream come true? At Easylife Kitchens, you will get the most innovative bar design that defines your [...]

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Live, Shop, Work and Play!

Have you ever heard the term "lifestyle centre?" The definition of a lifestyle centre is a shopping center or mixed-used commercial development that combines the traditional retail functions of a shopping mall with leisure amenities oriented towards upscale consumers. Sometimes labelled as boutique malls, this is where you can live, shop, work and play!  Riverside [...]

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Finding that unique gift at Enchanted Living

If you’re looking for a unique gift for any occasion in Pretoria, try shopping at Enchanted Living instead of your local mall, where you normally just find run of the mill commercially produced gifts. Enchanted Living is the perfect shop for hostess, house-warming, and holiday gifts, if there are any special occasions, or you simply [...]

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Take all of the stress out of your wedding planning with ICE Events!

Most brides will tell you that preparing for your wedding is one of the most exciting times you will share together as a couple, as well as being one of the more stressful times in a young couples life together. The lists are endless, with everything from planning for the ceremony, inviting guests, choosing a [...]

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Great decorating ideas

Decorating homes can be fun provided you know what to pick up and from where. You can start with trying to change the smaller aspects of home rather than the larger parts such as repainting and redoing the furniture. Brainstorming on new and unique home decorating ideas can be great fun with family and friends. [...]

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New kitchen units

Extraordinary Kitchen Units for Standard Kitchens The concept of kitchen units has changed a lot over a period of time. The units these days are free standing, highly versatile and can be cleaned with ease. One can either choose the entire range or just the individual pieces that are required. You have the option to [...]

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Search for that special gift in Pretoria

Many of us pick up souvenir gifts for friends and families when we travel. However, most of us end up buying these gifts that are manufactured or made in some other place and are stocked in particular stores in many places, just to be sold. Like a mall for example. But how about gifting something [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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