2019’s office design trends you can implement today

///2019’s office design trends you can implement today

2019’s office design trends you can implement today

With 2018 already beginning to fade to its close, it’s time to start looking at the office of 2019. Today Giant Leap takes a long, hard look at the office design trends that emerged throughout 2018, and where they’re likely to go in the year ahead.

1.  The need for privacy

We’ve already seen offices open up into multi-use spaces. While designated areas for relaxation, work, quiet and socialisation are already common in any well designed office, 2018 has seen an increased demand for tailored private spaces to be part of this office design matrix. While collaboration is still the name of the game, the need for a quiet space away from prying eyes for client meetings, conversations and teleconferences will likely see booth-like privacy spaces added to the list.

2. A historical modern emerges

‘Modern’ decor has become such a catch-all term as to be almost meaningless. However, we are seeing a very clear decor style emerge, with clean lines and a simplistic sophistication the name of the game. Oddly enough, this harkens to design trends of the 50’s and 60’s, perhaps following the rise in popularity of retro styling in fashion, rather then the more sterile 90’s. Old, dull colour schemes don’t win out, though. Black, charcoal and white remain favoured base colours, with sophisticated bursts of bright colour lightening the atmosphere. These are likely to be used with even greater precision to impact the psychology of the workplace as the trend develops.

3. A hush falls over the office

Sound management has long been a problem in the open plan office. Incorporating sound absorbing decor elements just makes sense- and it’s a trend that’s emerging very strongly from the pack. Clever use of white noise to soothe and mask is also on the rise.

4. The rise of ‘resimercial’

The modern office isn’t a sterile environment that clearly screams ‘work’. It’s one that takes current trends from residential spaces and uses them to cleverly cater for its own needs. Traditional office furniture has been renovated, and a casual, collaborative atmosphere suits almost a lounge-like vibe. We firmly expect to see this softer, more welcoming environmental focus rise throughout the coming year.

5. Tech conquers all

Even the least technology orientated industries are coming to rely more and more on the convenience products of a modern office. No office design in 2019 is going to escape the need to fully consider the technology that makes up an integral part of our daily working lives.

It’s full steam ahead to a tailored, flexible and technological office design that works as hard for your bottom line as any employee. Why not allow the talented Giant Leap team to help you craft the perfect space today?