An agile working environment breeds agile minds- and boosted profit too

///An agile working environment breeds agile minds- and boosted profit too

An agile working environment breeds agile minds- and boosted profit too

The key to any successful business endeavour is creating the right environment to allow the inspired minds of your staff to flourish. Agile working spaces may well be the key to developing this positive atmosphere, and Giant Leap has all the information you need to help you restructure your working environment to boost profits and results alike.

What is an agile working environment?

An ‘agile working environment’ is more than just a buzzword- it’s about changing your corporate mindset to better further your business goals. At its core, it’s about refocusing ‘work’ as an activity, rather than a place. The key lies in the creation of different working ‘areas’ within the office environment, empowering your staff to have both the flexibility and freedom to work as they need, when they need to. It involves incorporating remote working and concepts such as hot desking into the business space, ensuring your staff can deliver on their deadlines no matter what circumstances crop up. Above all, it’s about a mindset change within the office. By demolishing any and all handicaps that stand between your company and your goals, you ensure the most productive working environment possible, in a people-first model that’s proven to positively impact the business bottom line.

What benefits does agile working bring?

The benefits of a flexible working solution are huge, and include:

  • Reduced office costs
  • Boosted staff productivity
  • Increased talent retention and acquisition
  • Better working relationships, whether within the team or client-facing.

The opportunity for flexibility in the workplace is a huge draw for employees, and has marked benefits to the company too, with reliable data suggesting an overall saving on workforce costs between 3% and 13%!

No cookie-cutter solution

What agile work spaces mean to each company will differ, depending on your workforce, goals and economic sector. That’s why you need a partner like Giant Leap to help you design the very best solution for your needs. An agile working space allows employees the freedom to work intelligently, making smart use of time and resources, reduces wasted time on lengthy commutes, traffic snarls and other drains by making work possible away from a desk, encourages the development of efficient working strategies and workspaces designed to improve creativity through dedicated functions, fosters teamwork, encourages positive non-traditional working practices that streamline the business, and boosts each member of staff to be their most productive, best selves.

If you’re keen to employ agile working practices within your environment today, then why not contact the Giant Leap team, and let us help you revolutionise your business and your bottom line?