Celebrate all things feline with Happy Cat Month

///Celebrate all things feline with Happy Cat Month

Celebrate all things feline with Happy Cat Month

Did you know that September was Happy Cat Month? While it’s kitty day every day here at Ou Kaapse Vet, Happy Cat Month gives you the perfect chance to celebrate our feline companions in style.

Are you the willing slave to a fuzzy dictator? Whether your cat is a fuzzy ball of love or an aloof lounge panther, there’s something so alluring about the cat that man has been opening their homes to this unique beast for millennia. In the depths of history, our feline companions kept pests away from our crops as well as providing love and companionship, yet at times have been the most tormented of domestic animals, so it’s only right that we give back a little of that same care they’ve offered us.

Happy Cat Month was the brainchild of the CATalyst Council, hoping to help spread education and awareness about these precious animals. There’s a persistent misconception that our kitty companions don’t need the level of devoted companionship that dogs and other pets do, and this can lead to us unknowingly neglecting their unique needs. The cat is, in fact, an incredibly social animal, enjoying the companionship of others, and needs the same love and enrichment we give our other pets.

So how can we celebrate our feline friends this September?

Why not take the time to take a good look at what you’re feeding Mr Fluffles? In a world with a staggering diversity of food available to pet owners of all budgets, it’s surprisingly easy for sub-standard ingredients to sneak into even the best foods. Familiarise yourself with your kitty’s favourite brands, and make sure they’re providing wholesome nutrition that will keep them fighting fit and ready to explore the world.

It’s also the perfect excuse to snag something fun for you to bond over. Whether it’s chasing that mischievous mystery red dot, or killing the tinkling ball-shaped intruders, playing with your cat enriches and stimulates their minds as well as keeping them physically fit. Plus it’s a great way for you two to bond!

Lastly, when was the last time your kitty took a turn past our practice? With tightened economic belts across South Africa, it may have been a while since any of the furry members of your family had a checkup! Yet the valuable health insights provided by an annual wellness check can be invaluable for heading off medical trouble [and expense] before it escalates. Why not chat to our friendly team today to organise a checkup for your cat today?