Colour may be the secret to motivated staff: hack your office today

///Colour may be the secret to motivated staff: hack your office today

Colour may be the secret to motivated staff: hack your office today

Have you ever heard of the psychology of productivity? Simply put, it’s the idea that there’s a lot we can do to our external environment to influence us towards positive, productive and motivated goals. Nowhere is that sort of can-do attitude more important than for a work day- so today Angel Shack is spilling the beans on a simple change you can make to brighten your staff’s day- and see the rewards roll in to your business.

Boring, bland, uninspired…the words just go together. A drab and dull cubicle farm depresses everyone, and depressed and unmotivated staff simply don’t bring in good results- but what can you do about it?

Bring a little colour into their lives.

Psychologists have long noted the profound effect colours can have on the human mind. Some make us fiery and pepped up, others soothe us, and still others bore and depress us. The colours around us influence how we feel about our environment, and even the very way we work. Not only can colour help subtly shape your staff’s productivity and behaviour, it can even have an impact on how customers perceive you! Just think of the instant associations we have between colours and some top global brands- can you imagine Coke without it’s iconic red and white?

If you find staff are sluggish, creativity dulled and your office needs an infusion of motivation, the answer could be as simple as a pop of colour. Of course, you can crack out the paint cans- but people often stop there. Sure, you now have the perfect can-do shade on your walls, but what impact does that have on the sea of dull grey, damaged and dingy desks surrounding you? Not as much as you’d hoped. It’s less about making a huge, immediate impact then it is about cultivating the perfect space for your unique brand to thrive. Think of a spa- that aura of serene relaxation doesn’t just come from a soothing paint job, it’s created throughout the premises. From the decor through soothing sounds, opulent furnishings and into the treatment rooms, the mood is continued by every piece of furniture in the room, and every style choice that’s made.

For a corporate office, the core of your fixtures and furnishings is your furniture, your workspaces- and they have a huge impact on how your staff and customers both feel about you. Would the hot-shot lawyer look as commanding with a rickety three-legged card table as his desk? Does a workspace piled high with towers of unfiled paper because you lack storage space make you look collected and organised?

Matching your furniture to your brand’s needs is a critical part of creating the perfect office space. That means making sure each piece is functional and appropriate for what you need, as well as ensuring the colours and styles you choose blend perfectly with the motivational mood in your office. Create a young, fresh look for your startup with pale woods, upholstery colours that pop and creatively styled furniture. Declare yourselves the ultimate in I.T. with futuristic design, all the mod-cons and metallic highlights. Anchor the reputation of your accounting practice with cooler tones, robust looks and solid, dependable construction.

Completing the powerful impact colour has on your space with complementary furnishings that provide everything you need is the simplest way to a happy office and productive staff. Let Angel Shack’s unique offerings help you sculpt your dream office today.