Go green! Biophilic office design that will boost your bottom line

///Go green! Biophilic office design that will boost your bottom line

Go green! Biophilic office design that will boost your bottom line

Here at Giant Leap we believe in keeping you ahead of the trend when it comes to your office design- and there’s a clear shift in modern office trends you need to know about. Today we look in-depth at Biophilic office design, known more colloquially as ‘green office design’, and how it can positively impact your staff and bottom line.

Why would I want to go green?

While you may be wondering if this is just a passing trend, we’d say not- this one is here to stay. Simply because incorporating biophilic design principles have actually been proven to boost productivity levels and general employee well-being, which in turn has knock-on [positive] effects on absenteeism, motivation and profit. The idea is simple- bring a little of the outdoors, indoors. Incorporating elements of the natural world into your building can increase feelings of wellness, mood, productivity and even health.

How can I green up my office space?

Now you know why this is such an important trend to embrace, how can you go about bringing in some biophilic design to your space? Perhaps the very simplest way is to bring in more plants to the office. By which we don’t mean a single sad office plant gathering dust in the corner! Plants cut CO2, boost oxygen and filter dust and mould, so it’s time to get a little creative- think planters, ‘living walls’ and so much more. Living walls make a dramatic statement piece that not only brings greenery into the office space, but also can help boost mood, alertness, and enthusiasm.

But don’t stop there. Natural light is another ‘greening’ component of biophilic design that has been proven to have a tremendous impact on the workspace. Classic office lighting can actually boost eye strain and feelings of unease among workers, so choosing to instead amp up the effects of available natural lighting just makes sense. Even if your space doesn’t naturally lend itself to this without a full redesign, look to make your lighting ‘human-centric’, with subtle use of ambient lighting and other lighting strategies to cut glare and eyestrain. Research suggests employees should face windows for maximum fatigue and strain reduction.

Simple changes

If all of this sounds like a strain to your budget, think again. Many biophilic design principles are simple to incorporate into your office space without breaking the bank. There’s a common fallacy that all the changes you make have to physically involve ‘living’ environments. Bring in the natural through wall graphics, decor and artwork to reap many of the same benefits, and establish a dynamic and personalised visual identity for the company at the same time. Wood, stone and cork design elements can all help you ‘green’ your office space without the need for a full building remodel.

Biophilic design has proven its worth in enhancing our working spaces and boosting the people who help make up the bottom line. Let Giant Leap help you ‘go green’ and make the most of your office space today!