Is your kitty a happy cat?

///Is your kitty a happy cat?

Is your kitty a happy cat?

How do you know if your cat is enriched and living their best life? It’s always been a little harder to tell whether our most aloof and aristocratic companions are happy. Enrichment is a key part of the pet ownership cycle, helping to keep them healthy, happy and stimulated to avoid adverse behaviours, so Ou Kaapse Vet makes a point of encouraging a loving owner- feline bond. With these top tips for happy kitties under your belt, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re ready for Happy Cat Month this September.

Box it up

What do cats and toddlers have in common? A love of boxes! It may be frustrating to see Patches lovingly killing the box when you’ve spent a fortune on the latest feline play station, but don’t be too offended! Some studies suggest that boxes help a cat feel less stressed, and may even aid in the recovery of shelter cats! It’s also a habit that stretches across cats of all sizes- you’ll often find cheetah and leopard in rehabilitation just as fascinated by their boxes as your little lounge panther!

Meeting basic needs

Cats are easier companions to deal with then dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have needs you should meet. Make sure the litter box is kept clean- and that there’s sufficient for the number of cats you have. Misbehaviour at the litter box can often be stress caused by offering too little options to them. Additionally, make sure you’re feeding your cat a healthy, veterinary approved diet that will nurture them from the inside out. Don’t overdo it though! Being too porky at the waistline can shorten the years you have with your feline companion. Make sure there’s plenty of fresh, clean water at hand- cats should always be encouraged to drink as much as possible as they are prone to dehydration- and you have a winning combination for the care basics.

Give them their own space

If you’re a proud multi-cat household, be sure each kitty has the ability to get away from his buddies and snag some quiet time. The same goes if there’s boisterous dogs or well-meaning little ones in the home. Even the most fun-loving kitty will need to escape for some me-time every now and again. Respect their need for distance, and you’ll have a happy, healthy kitty to enjoy.


Cats needs may be simple, but it’s important to keep a careful eye on your feline companion to keep them happy and healthy. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you’re more than welcome to discuss them with our team at Ou Kaapse Vet.