Loving where you live

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Loving where you live


Your kitchen is outdated and your bathroom looks as though a hurricane has hit it – on a good day. Are you getting sick and tired of your surroundings… don’t you think that it is time for a change?  But where to start?

Loving where you live

Easylife Kitchens are here to help you get ahead of and sort out your kitchen and bathroom disasters with a few ideas based on the current bathroom and kitchen trends at the moment.

Unclutter and bring on the clean lines – tackling kitchen cleanliness.

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By clean, we’re talking design, and not germs. Kitchens are going clean, contemporary, and horizontal (open shelves, long and horizontal pulls, thick countertops). Even in a classic kitchen, go with simple, flat cabinets rather than highly carved cabinet details. Always remember that a simple, tidy, fresh appearance will have broad appeal if you ever decide to sell your home.

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The 80’s are gone and colour is out.

This year, colours are cycling out. Try and choose a pleasing and neutral palette that you can always jazz up with accessories, or the odd splash of colour. Regardless, colour is fickle; choose what’s best for your space, what suites your family and what fits in, with the rest of your homes decor scheme.

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Dark wood is popular right now.

If you’ve had white cabinets, you know they show every speck of dirt, as well as every scratch, which can drive you crazy unless you have a cleaning fetish. Combine those white cabinets with another up-and-coming trend: dark wood. Or if your budget can handle the hit, go with specialty woods like mahogany or zebra wood that can make an island look like a piece of furniture. You can also invest your money in more kitchen storage and functionality than trendy decorative elements that might not stand the test of time.

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Appliances that blend in.

The more open our kitchens get, the more we want them to blend and follow the form and design decor of the rest of the house. The trend is moving away from the big pro range and huge stainless-steel refrigerator and more towards concealed, high-performance refrigerators and dishwashers. Induction cooking tops, which use less electricity than electric ones, are also growing in popularity.

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Time for tranquility

No longer just a utilitarian space, today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience. Achieving this is a matter of keeping up with the latest and greatest design elements. Bathrooms are often the only place where people regularly have time to themselves and for that reason bathroom design should create a refuge of serenity and personal luxury. The trends embraced are natural materials and unique, layered textures.


Pick patterns

Patterns are becoming richer, slowly going away from minimalist all-white simple form. As always happens in times of economic stagnation and downturn, people resort to brighter colours and busier patterns to introduce some variety and movement into their daily life. We will see playful combinations of materials, patterns and sizes.

Add art

You may not think of your bathroom as an art space but hanging art and styling the room so it feels inviting to spend time there rather than just somewhere to shower and brush your teeth, will change the entire feel of the bathroom.

Contact Easylife Kitchens today to help you turn your nightmare into a dream again. Let our experts assist you in turning your house back into a home. Let us take you back to loving where you live.