Make your desk more than a desk: make it a GameChanger

///Make your desk more than a desk: make it a GameChanger

Make your desk more than a desk: make it a GameChanger

Do you need a desk that’s not just a desk, but a high-end workstation solution that has your back at every moment of your working day? The GameChanger range offers a full-suite solution to the critical needs of the high-paced, modern work environment; Angel Shack takes a look at exactly why this fantastic range should be on your radar.


Sad fact is, office furniture has generally not kept up with the evolution of the modern office. It’s difficulty and bulky to move, impossible to assemble, inflexible in the face of your challenging, active workday. It’s high time to change the game! With the best of German design , and quality South African manufacture, we’re truly proud to bring you this elite workspace solution- in models that will suit any budget.


You’re probably imagining that this quality workhorse is going to come at a steep price, no? That’s exactly where the KIS OFFICE DESKS step up to the plate. Given the range is named for the famous ‘KeepIt Simple’ motto, what else would you expect other than simplicity, quality and a price that’s tough to beat? Straightforward stylishness that has your back when you need it. An incomparable ability to mix and match units allows impeccable office styling. Timeless looks combined with rugged construction will outlast everything else. The KIS has it all.


Rock-solid panelling and a steel frame comprise the basics of this workstation solution, while a host of convenient features have your back at every turn- think lift-top cable trays to mask unsightly electronics while making access easy, add on privacy screens for workers who need some discretion or added concentration, and full compatibility with our NXT range too.


NXT offers you the logical evolution of the KIS suite, a high-end solution with a sexy aesthetic and sensible solutions to modern office conundrums. Make maximum use of vertical space with NXT’s unique expansion system, store delicate and essential work in a personal storage locker underfoot, and keep your desktop tower neatly out of the way. Keep an open-plan environment while still providing a sense of private space where needed.


Need a little extra temptation? Check out Angel Shack’s PLUS add-on range. Taking the simple task rail to new heights, you can pimp your desk with screen arms, shelves, and every single feature you need to make your workstation the home base for a day packed with greatness.


Let Angel Shack’s innovative GameChanger range carry you to new working heights today.