Next generation office design at your fingertips

///Next generation office design at your fingertips

Next generation office design at your fingertips

As office culture and the very way we do business undergoes a massive shift, it’s hardly surprising that the offices around us will undergo a similar revolution. So what’s hot and what’s not in the modern office design world? Giant Leap takes a look.

Gone are the days of the dingy cubicle farm. Doctors and employers alike have come to realise the profound impact a draining space has on the human mind- and how much better the results are with a few simple tweaks. Tech companies led the charge, creating playful office spaces staff actually wanted to be at. What matters most when design your space, however? We look at the office design trends revolutionising workspaces globally.

Wide open

Open plan offices cater to the social part of the human psyche. They foster a positive corporate culture, improving the mood of employees and allowing considerable creative growth to occur at the same time. They also add variety and colour to the working space, making for a more appealing layout.

Shared desks and spaces

Hot desking isn’t for every industry, or every employee, but there is a certain something to be said for having employees who aren’t bound to one space. It can help reduce the size [and cost] of your office space, as well as encourage networking and collaboration. Add some common spaces that can be used for an informal coffee with clients, or to allow different departments to come together to brainstorm, and you have a great mix of versatility and practicality.

Living buildings

Head into any reinvented growth spaces, like the Sandton and Johannesburg CBDs, and you’ll see the rise of the functional building. Gone are the long office towers, occupied solely during business hours- and earning nothing in between. The modern office block is a thriving spot, with libraries, bars, gyms and cafes that make late nights working less painful for staff.

Green spaces

The sustainability of our buildings has been a hot topic in recent years. Not only does a ‘green’ building contribute to preserving our environment, it also benefits the building owner and the companies that inhabit the space, keeping costs lower and the space more favourable to deal with.

The top-quality office of today is a far cry from its predecessors- are you ready to take the Giant Leap into a better working environment?