Does your office design really matter to your employees?

///Does your office design really matter to your employees?

Does your office design really matter to your employees?

Of all your worries when setting up or revamping an office, from location to budget and everything in-between, the design itself will probably fall to the bottom of the list. But it definitely shouldn’t if you want the best from your employees! Giant Leap takes a look at exactly why your office design is linked to your workability- and why that matters!

It’s easy to get caught up in all the other critical players in your office, and forget the employees who are the heart and soul of your business. Study after study proves that happy employees are productive employees, bringing the best value into the business. How does office design play into that, though? Ask yourself these questions:

Does my office design foster community?

No, you don’t want employees chatting instead of working- but office culture is a massive part of staff retention. Employees who feel like a team act like a team- and where they feel welcome in the office community they stay engaged throughout the work day. From how your communal space is laid out, through to whether your desk layout encourages a sense of togetherness or alienates part of your workforce, office design is critical to encourage this sense of community.

Does my office make staff productive?

Everyone works a little differently, and industry can impact this too. But surroundings have a huge impact on productivity. Maybe you have team members who need silence to concentrate, or great lighting for draughting. Maybe you need office discretion to ensure client/operator privilege, or good storage to ensure the area looks presentable at all times. Employees with an office designed around their needs bring greater productivity to the table.

Is my office healthy?

No, we’re not suggesting an office gym [although if you have the budget it’s a fantastic staff incentive]. Humans thrive in a certain environment. Natural light helps keep us awake and thinking clearly. Plants brighten the look of the office while ensuring better air quality. Ergonomic workstations keep employees working and minimize sick days for chronic skeletal issues.

Does my office boost morale?

A team with great morale drives results. While your office design won’t be the only factor in keeping staff energised, it’s pretty obvious that drab grey cubicle farms aren’t going to drive them to feel great.

There’s no doubt about it: good office design = good work-ability. The better the design of the office around them, the more you will get from your staff. Only one question remains… are you ready to take the Giant Leap and revolutionise your office?