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Blog 2017-12-19T13:31:20+00:00

Give your pets their own active lifestyle this summer

With summer now in full swing around us, chances are you’ve thought about getting more active. One of the very best things you can do to maintain your precious pet’s health- as well as motivate yourself- is ensure they, too, have all the benefits of a fit and active lifestyle. We at Ou Kaapse Vet have already looked at why their weight should matter to you- now it’s time to look a little bit further at how to keep your pet loving life alongside you for as long as possible. Summer heat matters Of course, while activity is a lot [...]

The battle of the bulge: Pet edition. How to help your pet to a healthy weight today

With summer rolling in fast, you’re probably spending a little time regretting those extra helpings of tasty winter food. While you’re probably amped to start working on your own bikini body, have you stopped to consider if your beloved pet needs to come along for the ride too? Today the weight watching team at Ou Kaapse Vet take a long, hard look at Mr Fuzzypants’ fluffy fat rolls, and why you really need to help them shed something other than their fur this summer. We’ve already taken a good look at why it’s important to maintain a steady, healthy weight [...]

Weight watchers for your furry friend: why you need to stay on top of your pet’s weight

No animal lover wants to face the idea of losing their furry little buddy- so what would you do if we told you there was a simple, incredibly easy way you could make sure they’re with you for the longest, happiest life possible?  Here are Ou Kaapse Vet’s top tips for making sure excess weight gain doesn’t slow your little buddy down or take them from you. Sadly, stats suggest that over 50% of companion animals in the US are overweight or obese, and South Africa’s furry friends aren’t doing much better. While the roly-poly chub may seem cute to [...]

The very best spots for a walk in the Southern Suburbs

There’s nothing quite like getting out there to enjoy nature- and taking Fido and Rex with you. It’s well known that a dog can motivate you to get fitter, help make ‘exercise’ fun, and lighten your mood after a hard day, so Ou Kaapse Vet are encouraging you and your furry buddy to get out there and enjoy these amazing parks and trails around the Southern Suburbs De Waal Park, Oranjezicht Nestling right by the mountain, on the periphery of the City Bowl, this park is open to the community and allows off-the-leash walking for dogs. It’s the perfect place [...]