Show your pets you really care this Pets Appreciation Week

///Show your pets you really care this Pets Appreciation Week

Show your pets you really care this Pets Appreciation Week

Are your pets so special they deserve an entire week to celebrate them? For sure! 3rd-9th June this year is being celebrated as Pet Appreciation Week, so it’s time to show your fur babies a little extra love.

Pets provide us with something amazing- it’s love, it’s companionship, it’s a reason to out the house or even just to get up in the morning- so there can be little surprise that we want to celebrate that remarkable bond. Pets are even good for our health- many scientific studies have proven owning a pet can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and even help reduce mild depression symptoms! They also help our young ones learn more about responsibility, compassion and kindness. So what can you do to help celebrate the pets in your life this Pet Appreciation Week?

Time to play!

Does Fido like his squeaky bones? Is Miss Kitty partial to some delectable catnip treats? Indulge your pet- and your inner child- a little, and find them the perfect toy. Not only does engaged play help keep them slim and fit, but it encourages them to think, too, keeping them out of mischief and using their minds for good. Be sure to play along with them, too- all pets appreciate a good bond with their owners, and discovering your inner child a little is good for you too.

Schedule a check-up

Sure, no pet ever has enjoyed a trip to the vet. But making sure your furry companion is happy, healthy and fit is the best possible way to ensure they’re with you- and in perfect health- for many Pet Appreciation Weeks to come!

Revamp their home

Here in South Africa, Pet Appreciation Week falls in one of the coldest months of the year. It’s imperative you make sure your pet has a warm, cosy place to call their own. Standard guidelines for pets sleeping areas indicate your dog’s bed area should be draft-free and never fall below 10 degrees Celsius, and kitties need it a little warmer. Make sure they have a toasty rug to snuggle into, and a warm, insulated space to sleep [better yet, make sure they’re in the home overnight]. Also check that their basket or sleeping pad is thick enough, or slightly raised, so that cold cannot seep up through the floor and rob them of body heat.

Make a playdate

More for the puppies in the practice, a play date can be a great way for you and your well-socialised, leash-trained dog both to celebrate the day. Head out to a favourite spot- think parks, beaches and even a hiking trail- for a day outside in the exciting world of new smells. Or schedule a real-life ‘play date’ with puppy friends if your dog is sociable and stable when excited.

Try out some treats

Whether you’re keen to try some tasty DIY pet treats, or would rather pick up their favourite brand from the store, a little extra spoiling is always a nice way to celebrate your love.

What are you planning to do to celebrate your pet this June? Let the Ou Kaapse Vet team know your plans!