The top 6 beaches in the Southern Peninsula for walking your dog

///The top 6 beaches in the Southern Peninsula for walking your dog

The top 6 beaches in the Southern Peninsula for walking your dog

We at Ou Kaapse Vet are all for healthy, happy walks with your hounds, so why not shake it up this summer and head to the beach for a fun-filled, family-friendly experience? These top 6 beaches in the Southern Peninsula are all open to dogs.

1.   Clifton 1st

While small, this Clifton beach has spectacular Atlantic views and welcoming, soft sand that’s paw friendly. With minimal wind, this is an off-leash beach that makes for a perfect day of play, or a soft sunset walk to admire the views.

2. Dolphin Beach (Table View)

Long stretches of sand with stunning views make this a great choice for hounds that like to run. There are restaurants and pubs close by to drop in at afterwards, too. It does attract a lot of wind in the summertime, however, thanks to the regular Southeasterlies, so keep an eye on the weather report.

3. Hout Bay Beach

With gently undulating bays and shelly white sand, this beach is open to our four-legged friends all year around. In the summer high season, however, you will be asked to keep off-leash antics to the middle of the beach, in the area away from Chapman’s Peak Drive and Mariner’s Wharf.

4. Beta Beach (Bakoven)

This smaller, secluded beach is perfect if you want to escape the crowds. You’ll be treated to the spectacular sights of Lion’s Head and the 12 Apostle Mountains in the distance, and your doggie will have fun frolicking on the sand.

5. Long Beach (Kommetjie)

This is the perfect beach for active dogs who need to run off some energy. The surf is gentle enough for dogs who like to splash around, while veritable kilometres of wide-open sand will wear out even the most frantic soul. The gentle, powder soft sand makes a welcoming perch for you, too.

6. Mostertsbaai (Strand)

Looking to make a day of it? Then head out to this family-friendly beach with everyone. With fishing spots, safe swimming, and a shoreline full of rock pools to keep the kids occupied, your doggo won’t be the only happy face in the car on the way home.

How to be a considerate beach user with your dog

Now you know where you can take your woof for a walk this summer, let’s take a quick look at how to be a considerate beach user so everyone can continue to enjoy the privilege.

  • Pick up their mess (and your own): No one wants to step in doggy doo, especially barefoot on the beach. Take a handy poop scoop along- and be sure to pick up your own litter too. Burying it isn’t the right thing to do- people love to play and dig in beach sand. Be a considerate dog owner.
  • Obey signs: If the beach has signs enforcing leash laws, be sure to comply. Many people otherwise happy with dogs on the beach will be offended if they find your hound rummaging through their picnic basket.
  • Safety first: Some dogs love the water, but always be wary with small, low-slung dogs who may get their feet swept out from underneath them. Be sure to keep a vigilant eye on your dog as they play, and don’t be afraid to invest in a flotation jacket for them if they like to play in the water.
  • Friendly dogs aren’t enough: Respect other people. Even if your dog is the most loving fluffball ever, some people don’t like dogs, are overwhelmed or afraid of them, or simply do not want to interact with them. Ask before assuming your dog can interact with others. Make sure to brush up on voice commands with your dog for ease of recall.
  • Stay where you are welcome: There are no-dog-allowed beaches in Cape Town too. Steer away from Clifton 2nd, 3rd or 4th, Maiden’s Cove, Silwerstroom, Broken Road, Fish Hoek, St James Tidal Pool, Blue Waters, Bikini Beach and Gordon’s Bay beaches to avoid disappointment.

A little care and consideration will help keep everything friendly for everyone, so be sure to play fair at all times so we can all enjoy the sun and sand.

Now you know the beaches that Ou Kaapse Vet recommends, what are your favourite dog-friendly beaches in the Southern Peninsula? Did we miss one off of the list? Be sure to let us know!