Using nuts in smoothies to boost calorie intake if you aren’t well

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Using nuts in smoothies to boost calorie intake if you aren’t well

While many of us have the issue of controlling our calorie intake to make sure we don’t overeat, there will be occasions in your life where you aren’t eating sufficient calories daily for health. This could be for children, when you are sick, or if you’re a bodybuilder in the bulking phase of their muscle growth. It’s as important to good health for you to receive sufficient calories as it is to avoid being overweight. But if you’re struggling to gain weight- especially if you are sick and have a suppressed appetite- what should you do?

We at Komati Foods strongly suggest opting for more whole-food options, rather than turning to a processed and chemical-filled protein powder which may cause adverse reactions in an already depressed immune system. The excellent news is that nuts not only pack a high calorie and nutritional punch, they can easily be incorporated into tasty and gentle dishes like smoothies to help you get a nutrient boost alongside your calories. Plus they taste great!

Nuts are rich in healthy fats, which are very much needed by the brain and immune system for recovery and health. They also pack in a lot of protein for their size, helping with muscle growth and recovery as well as a general sense of wellness. While all nuts have slightly different mineral and vitamin profiles, they are all pretty rich in B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A&E, calcium, folic acid and much more.

You’ll want to use about ¼ cup of nuts per smoothie. While you can add them dry to a high speed blender, we strongly recommend soaking them for a few hours first. This makes them easier to digest and frees up way more of the nutritional goodness, as well as making them kinder on your blender too. Try exciting pairings like strawberry and almond

[or, in fact, any berry and nut combo], banana with date and almond, cashew with blueberry and cream, ginger with cashew, maple syrup and baked sweet potato, and so much more for a delicious protein and health boost!